Thursday, August 5, 2010


The National Museum of Naval Aviation (NMNA) in Pensacola, Florida, is one of the finest military aviation museums in the world. I am proud to be able to say that a number of the airplanes that I restored are displayed there.

Some folks have asked me if I restored the F7U Cutlass on display at the Museum.

The answer is, NO.

You Naval aviation buffs and former Cutlass drivers (survivors!) take a look at these photos and tell me what is unusual about this particular F7U.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010


This is my B-25D I bought down in Santa Cruz, Bolivia... It's in the Bennie Area on the Amazon Basin... close to where we finally caught up with Che Guevara... I bought two B-25's... actually three... two from the FAB (Bolivian Air Force) and this one from a meat hauler. We took it apart and shipped it up in a FAB C-130. I restored it and it is on display at the Marine Air/Ground Museum in Quantico. You can see photos of the above B-25 after restoration on my website.

The other two... I sold one to Harry Doan and it was flown up here from La Paz... hell of a story.

The third one is still there... it's sitting in a "round about" in Cochabamba... When I went to get it, there was almost a riot... Seems the local Ladies of the Evening had converted my plane into a quick stop, full service brothel... didn't have the heart to ruin their business... I still own it... but it ain't leavin'.


"Guantanamera, guajira, Guantanamera.....

Yo soy un hombre sincero

De donde crece la palma

Y antes de morirme quiero

Ver el B-25 en Cochabamba.....

Guantanamera, guajira, Guantanamera.....

Photo: Israel Soliz


My office in my hangar during the Good Ole Days... You can see the fireplace, sat TV, but not the kitchen... Lancer and Nichole have been there along with a virtual Who's Who in American Military Aviation... from Yeager on down. I also had a huge bedroom and two full baths... in the hangar were all kinds of aircraft being restored... had a lot of visitors from all over the world... the famous and infamous... A lot of intrigue went on here.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Corwin "Corky" Meyer, famous Grumman test pilot, would visit Black Shadow and what wealth of flying wisdom he had accumulated over the years. Here he brought his T-6G he had at the time. Corky is one of the great aviation icons of all time. See his book, Corky Meyer's Flight Journal.


I always loved to fly. Here I am driving my old L-4 in USN blimp support livery over Amelia Island, FL. Great little airplane. I had a lot of fun with it!